Tuesday, January 19, 2010 

Attract Women Now - Get Any Woman Attracted To You INSTANTLY Using Your Confidence

by Jay Sullivan

Looking to attract women? Read on as I tell you how confidence plays a major part in how you can attract women now.
Women love a confident guy, period. Confidence is seen as an indication of intelligence, charisma, good looks and strength. Women love to be around confident men because there is a good chance that a confident man is worth being around.

How do you show a woman you have confidence? I'm glad you asked, because I'll run through a few things that women notice about men, and the clues women use to determine if a man is confident or not. Master these tips and you'll be able to attract women now.

Your smile and the look on your face is one of the things that a woman will notice first. Smiling shows everyone around you that you are happy and having fun. If you smile a lot you'll look confident and comfortable, a smile opens doors you never thought would open.

When you're out on the dating game, try using a friend to improve your chances. Having a friend around shows that your not a social outcast, and that people actually like spending time with you. Try and have only one friend with you when you want to attract women now, and not a whole bunch of lads, as you don't want to come across as a menacing street gang!

Looking after your appearance will attract women now, as women notice what you look like of course. A bad haircut and untidy facial hair will pretty much ruin any chance of attracting women. Be clean and tidy, wear a good aftershave, and dress smart.

Confident men don't need to put others down. They are not mean or jealous either, so if your sneering at strangers who walk by when your chatting to a woman, or making rude remarks to waitresses and barmaids, women will notice. Be calm, have an affable temperament and also be polite when you want to attract women now.

Try and stand like you're actually worth something, and walk like your going somewhere when attracting women. Never rush, hustle or scamper around. Walk with your head held high, walk slower than you usually would and walk with confidence. Women always notice good posture.

All the above will show that you're a confident guy when approaching women now, and it's one of the most important parts of the seduction game. Show women you have confidence and you'll be shocked at the results.

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